Survivors Stories in One Day Day On Earth

Just in.

Our video for One Day on Earth is ready and it was worth the wait – please go to this link:
The story of survivors made it into this mainstream social media campaign it is amazing.
Thank you to our interviewees and the filmmakers:

Jörg Fockele (Director/Producer), Marc Smolowitz (Producer), Amir Jaffer (First Camera/DP), Timothy Kulikowski (Second Camera/Still Photographer), Kelly Dessoye (Editor), Stuart Goldstein (PA)

Watch it on full screen. Click the expand button.

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  • Tez Anderson

    Thank you Kent! I love hearing that. Hope is a good thing. I wish you health and peace. Cheers, Te

  • Kent Douglas

    Thanks to everyone in this video. You have articulated that which I could not, and given me more hope than I have had in years.

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