Survivors Stories in One Day Day On Earth

Just in.

Our video for One Day on Earth is ready and it was worth the wait – please go to this link:
The story of survivors made it into this mainstream social media campaign it is amazing.
Thank you to our interviewees and the filmmakers:

Jörg Fockele (Director/Producer), Marc Smolowitz (Producer), Amir Jaffer (First Camera/DP), Timothy Kulikowski (Second Camera/Still Photographer), Kelly Dessoye (Editor), Stuart Goldstein (PA)

Watch it on full screen. Click the expand button.

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Founder of Let's Kick (ASS). I'm a 54-year-old long-term survivor. I seroconverted in 1983 and found out in 1986. This site is passion project to empower long-term survivors and Heal Wounded AIDS Warriors. Those of us who tested HIV-positive before protease received a death sentence and now we face the sometimes perplexing challenge of living with AIDS into midlife and elder hood. Together we CAN live well for another several decades. Please join me and Let's Kick (ASS).


Thanks to everyone in this video. You have articulated that which I could not, and given me more hope than I have had in years.

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