There is a fantastic new movement afoot to bring UNDETECTABLE into the spotlight!
Undetectable = Untransmittable was started by Prevention Access Campaign
What does being UNDETECTABLE mean?

It means knowing your viral load for one thing. It also means taking your meds as prescribed. It is HIV Long-Term Survivors role in Ending AIDS. We are no longer “toxic”. Remember those BioHazard tattoos? They no longer apply if you are undetectable. It means we are unable to pass the virus on to anyone else.

Read all about it at the  Prevention Access site.

Once you begin therapy and you stay on therapy, with full virologic suppression you are not capable of transmitting HIV to a sexual partner.  With successful ART that individual is no longer infectious.” — Dr. Carl DieffenbachDirector of the Division of AIDS, National Institutes of Health NIH (Aug. 2016)

Let’s Kick ASS is honored to have signed on as Community Partners to the Consensus Statement.

If you are undetectable and stay on HIV treatment, you are not only likely to be healthier, but you also no longer need no worry about transmitting the virus to anyone else.

It’s an excellent campaign. Let’s all spread the word and the love. Undetectable is a vital part of a new sexual revolution.

Combined with PrEP, it means we are living in a new age of prevention, where condomless sex is protected sex.

Some months ago Let’s Kick ASS created a symbol for being undetectable.

Though this campaign from Housing Works is way cooler.

Mark King has also penned a powerful piece about the importance of this campaign.

The important thing is that we standing up for Treatment as Prevention or TasP and getting and staying Undetectable.

The science is behind this. Honestly, it is something that a lot of us knew for years, but it always takes time for research to catch up with lived experience.

Folks this is a game-changer. You need to know it and share it.


Watch Julio Montaner’s TED Talk because it debunks the oft-quoted 96% reduction in transmission risk found in the HPTN 052 should, in fact, be 100%. “In reality, if you give the treatment the opportunity to get on with its work, you will have zero transmission.”