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HIV Long-Term Survivors Declaration: A Vision For Our Future

With courage and compassion long-term survivors of HIV strive not only to survive but also to thrive into full, meaningful, productive, independent and connected lives, free from stigma, ageism and discrimination regardless of age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or socioeconomic circumstance. HIV Long-Term Survivors Declaration A Vision for Our Future LTS Declaration We […]

Walgreens HIV/AIDS Castro Spirit Historical Plaque

Walgreens at 498 Castro Street is an important locale the history of the AIDS epidemic. In October of 1981 nurse Bobbi Campbell posted a homemade flyer with photos of his KS lesions and the words “GAY CANCER” in the window of Star Pharmacy. Campbell was alerting the community about a mysterious illness affecting gay men […]


Exciting Things Happening on National HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day!

Last year on National HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day, our pals at the HIV Story Project set up the Generations HIV Interactive Video Storytelling Booth at the AIDS Survivors’ Summit at the LGBT Center to record video testimonials about long-term survivors experiences with HIV/AIDS. Many of you have asked me what was happening with all […]

Second National Awareness Day Coming Up June 5

The early press release is written. I’ve just sent an email to the folks at to have the day added to the official awareness day site. It is time to begin planning events in your cities. They can be big or small but let’s find ways to honor and highlight the unique and profound […]

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The Complexities of Survival

For those who didn’t live through the worst years of the AIDS epidemic it is be hard to understand the complexities of survival. It doesn’t seem logical that the realization that you going to live can cause more upheavals than learning you are going to die. It doesn’t make sense unless you lived through it. […]

Kicking ASS in Positively Aware

The new issue of Positively Aware is out and online. On the Cover are Let’s Kick ASS cofounders Matt Sharp and Tez Anderson. Thank you to Positively Aware for spotlighting survivors aging with HIV in this issue! KICKING ASS Long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS take control of their destiny By David Duran  PHOTOGRAPHY BY Duane Cramer In the […]

Long-Term Survivors In OUT Magazine

Jon Jay Read wrote an excellent, moving piece about our experience. It is such a thrill to see long-term survivors finally getting the attention we deserve. And thanks to Jon for mentioning Let’s Kick ASS in the piece. You can read the whole piece at the link below but here is an excerpt. You can […]

AIDS Survivors Struggle With Having A Future

AIDS survivors struggle with having a future Half of those living with HIV in the US will be over 50 by 2015. Many long-term survivors never expected to live so long and are struggling with symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Andrew Bowen reports from San Francisco. Tez Anderson smiles as he greets a small group of […]